Conditions & Content Elements

Flexi Sections is based on content elements shown on product pages if specific conditions are met. Blowe we have listed what content elements and conditions we are offering.

Miss any specific conditions or content elements. Please reach out on and let's see if we can figure something out.


We are currently offering the following conditions:

- Specific Product
- Collection
- Product Title
- Product Tags
- Vendor
- Type
- Price
- Inventory Level
- Description (coming soon)

Lesser than, Greater than, Equals, Contains etc. can be applied to each condition depending on the exact type.

Content Elements

Content elements are shown when the specific conditions are met.
Content elements are continuously in development. Both to offer a wider range of elements, but also to allow you greater flexibility within each element. Currently we are offering the following:

- Headline
- Rich Text
- Links
- Image (+ text / CTA)
- Gallery (coming soon)
- Video
- Advanced Call To Actions
- Product Element (coming soon)
- Coloumns (coming soon)
- Html / CSS / Javascript

See Content Examples

More details to be found in our knowledgebase.