About Flexi Sections

We are Thomas Kenne and Simon Schultz.

We are the makers of Flexi Sections.
We have been building digital products, services and platforms for 40+ years in total.

Our paths crossed briefly in 2001, but since 2009 we have working together on numerous projects for startups, corporates and everything in between, while also running our own skunkwork on the side. 

Currently we are maintaining a bunch of different Shopify e-commerce platforms for different companies. 
All while building, supporting and entertaining happy customers using Flexi Sections. 

Want to say "Hi" ?
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  • Thomas Kenne

    All things development. Technically responsible for three larger Shopify Plus platforms. Always trying to make things simpler. Making it possible to scale. And your guarantee for up-time.

  • Simon Schultz

    Product Guy for the past 20 years. Cares about great user and customer experience. Most probably the guy you will be chatting to when reaching out to us.